About Me

Well, I caved. I started a blog. In part because my friends refuse to hear me retell the same story for the 10th time (just kidding! …it’s probably the 20th), and in part because I feel like some of the things I have to say may be relevant to other people.

My name is Katie Ritz. I recently completed my Master’s degree in genetics and genomics. I love talking about science, I love giving unsolicited advice, and I love making people laugh. I have a cool dog, his name is Roo (see Fig. 1). I often call him Rupert (get it? Roo-pert?) because it sounds dignified. Here’s a picture of him.


Figure 1. The most regal Chihuahua there ever was.

I’ll add more to this later…


I love Starbucks. I love science. It’s not complicated.
Also, who doesn’t love alliteration?